The Adventure Begins

I think we have been talking about traveling  since we started dating 15 years ago. Like most young couples, we dreamt of adventure and opportunity. We decided that we would stop talking about it and make a move.

This time next year we will be living and working full-time out of an RV! There is a nomad movement going on and we do not want to wait until we are in our twilight years to start our travels. Veteran parents always warm me to not blink, your kids will be grown and out of the house before you know it! Our daughters are four and six years old and we feel empowered to home school them and show them our love for camping.

We have to credit a few families that have inspired us. They have taught us that through prayer and positivity anything is possible!

TheBucketListFamily – Garrett, Jessica, Dorothy (5), Manilla (3). In August of 2015, they left their home in Utah, USA for an adventure around the world! Each week, they share a new video from a new destination. You can also follow their travels on Instagram and Facebook. My family loves to watch their videos. Our girls keep saying how much they would love to travel and be with us all the time. We have all fallen in love with the Gee Family. Congratulations on becoming a family of 5! Follow their adventures and subscribe to their videos, I know you will love them too.

The Gee Family, a full-time traveling family that focuses on culture and philanthropy all over the world.

Fixer Upper ShowChip and Johanna Gaines, their children Duke, 9, and Drake, 12,  Emmie Kay, 7, and Ella Rose, 11. Chip and Joanna Gaines own and operate Magnolia Homes, a remodeling and design business in Waco, Texas, and “Fixer Upper” shows the process by which the couple turn dilapidated but potential-rich houses into showplaces that are helping revitalize whole neighborhoods throughout central Texas. My sister-in-law actually introduced me to this show. Like the Gaines we rarely watch television these days, so when their show came to Netflix, we were so excited! We have only watched one season, but it doesn’t take a genius to see that their faith and love for each other is their super power. We were intrigued by their leadership and creativity in their business.  Eventually we want to settle down and operate our businesses from our tree house in the woods. Right now, we want to take a few years to raise our family and teach them things that we would not be able to as parents that work outside the home. I will be visiting their store for the first time this week. Check out the Magnolia Market for fabulous home decor. Coincidentally they are expecting another baby too! Congrats Gaines family!

The Gaines Family, stars of a home improvement show “Fixer Upper”

I love discovering new friends and accounts on Instagram like Maria from EarlyGreyStyle. She has the loveliest feed and she has encouraged me to plan for quiet moments and relax. I came across her feed at just the right time. I had been so overwhelmed with everything that comes with owning a handmade shop and was not quite sure where I wanted to take it. I am still trying to figure out just where I want to take my small shop, but I don’t feel the pressure in having to have an answer right now. Follow this travel-loving mommy and her love for sweet moments and beautiful views. Her Instagram: @earlgreystyle and Website:

Maria blogs and vlogs about her travels and her entrepreneurial adventures

We are making 2018 as our year of planning. We are selling all of our stuff, planning our stops and taking advantage of any opportunity that comes our way. We have already received so much love and support from the few people we have told. We are excited, a little nervous and very encouraged by our fellow entrepreneurs.

In church today our priest said that we should do as Jesus does, go forth and become disciples, tell people the good news. I know for most of my fellow parishioners that meant to leave mass and show strangers kindness and compassion. We have been researching and praying about this life change for a while. We are focused on our mission to spread joy and happiness everywhere we go and to everyone we meet. We hope you will follow along!

Follow us on Instagram: TheRVadventureFamily as we get ready for life on the road.

Thanks for reading!


The RV Adventure Family

Happiness is not something you postpone for the future; it is something you design for the present.”                            -Jim Rohn

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