Five Reasons we are making an RV our home

As parents we strive to take care of our family the best way possible. We always want to give them the best life. My husband and I feel that the best life is being together while learning and experiencing new places.

Most people have dreams of traveling. My family of four has experienced road trips across Texas and that one time that we took a vacation to Orange Beach, Alabama. Our family is so content being together at any time we do not really ever feel like we miss anything by not taking faraway vacations. My husband and I have not taken the girls to Disneyland or to an exotic destination. We tend to think that we must go without vacations and traveling in order to save money. This is not necessarily true. A vacation sounds like an escape from work and home life. We don’t want to escape, we want to explore and experience all of the amazing things that we only read or watch YouTube videos about. We know that a full-time RV lifestyle may not be for everyone, here are the reasons it is perfect for us.

  1. We love camping and the great outdoors- Before we had children, Ryan and I camped out all the time. We loved setting up our tent in a remote location near the lake. There was no electricity, running water or other people besides our camping party. Our evenings were lit with the glow from our campfire, twinkly stars and if we were lucky a full moon. Sometimes the moon was so bright that you could almost sit there and read. Waking up to the sun peaking in through the tent and the sound of birds calling the morning were my favorite parts of camping.
  2. More time together- Ryan has worked 8-5 Monday-Friday since we became a family. He leaves the house by 7:20, we are lucky if we all get to sit for breakfast. In the evening he usually gets home at 6, we eat shortly after and then start getting ready for bed. I try to bathe the girls before my husband gets home so that he has extra time to spend with them before bedtime. We get 3 good hours together each day if we are lucky. That’s is 15 hours during the week, 24 hours on the weekend totaling 39 hours that we are awake together! It is not enough for us. I am reminded everyday how fast my girls are growing. I will never regret spending too much time with them.
  3. Slowing down our busy lives- Since the girls have started school our schedule seems more constricted. I have even over-extended myself with volunteering and work projects while they are gone. We are constantly buzzing around trying to get homework done, attend the PTA meetings all whilst trying to manage housework and work obligations. There will be a time when it is necessary to run the girls to gymnastics and soccer practices but right now we want them to just enjoy being children.
  4. Experiences over stuff- we moved from a 2000 square foot home into a 1500 square foot home over a year ago. We donated at least 4 boxes of things that we didn’t use. We moved to The Woodlands, Texas. This area has been such an amazing place for discovery and adventure. When given the chance we much rather spend the afternoon in the creek instead of at the movie theater or mall. Some days I feel like I spend more time picking up toys and cleaning the house than hanging out with my kids.
  5. Time waits for no one – Most people say “when we retire” or “when the kids are a little older.” Our children are 4 and 6, they are so curious and still believe that their parents are the coolest people alive. I want to savor these moment while they still let us. There will be a time when our children are grown and living their own lives. I meet people everyday from other states and countries and always remark how I would love to visit one day. That one day may never come, we could be physically unable to travel.

We want to take advantage of moments and opportunities. We are so excited for all the amazing adventures that are waiting for us. I can honestly say we do not have any doubts or reservations about a full-time RV lifestyle. Our goal is to stay on the road for at least 2 years. I know our plans may change from here to there, but the goals will remain the same. We want to spend more time together living in the moment, experiencing nature while we can. We want to give our kids an experience that most others may never have. We will never regret taking this chance, but we will regret not trying.

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