4 Steps to Full-Time RV Life Success

So, we are a traveling, full-time RV family… almost! We have started the process of getting ready for this lifestyle. Here are a few things that we are doing to ensure our successful transition into our new adventure.
Step 1.    Mindset: We have been reading numerous book on philosophy and psychology over the past few years that have changed our lives! The first book I read was “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  This book created a paradigm shift in the lives of me and my wife. That book is almost a century old and taught us a true philosophy to live by. It is very ‘academic’ so I had read it a few times and become familiar with my dictionary (or an app, lol), to help me along. I had to read this book a few times before I really understood. The main lesson for me in this book was that no matter what happens in life, your thoughts create your actions. This simple notion can be honed in to create a passionate drive that engulfs your mind to the point that your ‘success’ (I put this in quotes because that is a very subjective word regardless of what Webster says) can build from passion, positivity, and a self- awareness that develops with practice of controlling  your own thoughts. There are some other books that have put life in perspective for relationships (“How to Win Friends and Influence People” by Dale Carnegie), the inherent stress of too much stuff (“The 80/20 Principle: The Secret to Achieving More with Less” by Richard Koch), struggles (“The Obstacle is the Way: The Timeless Art of Turning Trials into Triumph” By Ryan Holiday), and , of course, MONEY (“The Choose Yourself Guide to Wealth”By James Altucher.)
Step 2:     Elimination: We currently live in a 1700 square foot home. It is physically impossible to keep everything that we own.  A storage unit can be a big waste of money, especially to store things you could probably can live without. First we start with our closets. This is a big chore for most people, and can be emotional. I think of these 3 things when going through this process: Do I NEED it? Do I LOVE it? Have I used it in the past year? Here is a cool article with some other great tips, Click here, and thank you Amanda Hinnant!  Try it sometimes… It’s liberating and I really can’t remember anything that we have eliminated. We are in the process of selling almost everything else we own. It is hard but will be totally worth the struggle. We desire a more minimalist lifestyle, free from material things, full of amazing memories and with time to work on things that are important to us.
Step 3:     Research: I’m really good at ‘the Google’, Emoji. This one may be different to everyone according to your preference and situation. You want to research the type of vehicle you’ll be using, learn from others in the lifestyle, Here is one of my favorites, and consider pros and cons. On our recent tour of RVs we discovered that most people buy the camper that best fits their truck or SUV that they currently own. The salesman suggested that a diesel truck has greater power for towing a full-time home in different elevations. Since we are shopping for both a truck and a camper this was really good information to consider. Realizing that money plays a big part in the success to our trip, we have researched ways to save money and make money while being on the road.
Step 4:    Commit: Are you really cut out to do this? Heck, are WE really cut out to do this?!!! I think so and so does my lovely wife. It may be easier for us to consider this lifestyle since we are avid nature lovers and have always enjoyed camping. We have also raised out girls to love, respect and to be curious about the great outdoors. There is a lesson in every situation especially the tough ones. We know it will not be easy and some days we may find ourselves yearning for more permanence in our lives, but for now we want to take advantage of life well lived together. Our two little girls are growing so fast and are very sensitive to the world around them. We want to impress upon them a lifestyle that could turn them into tenacious, confident adults with a desire to always keep challenging themselves and to find the best in any situation.
We have come to the decision for several reasons. We have wanted to travel the country in an RV since we first got married 9 years ago. It was always discussed relative to retirement, and that we will sell EVERYTHING when that time comes for a nomadic lifestyle. We are simply moving the timeline up a few DECADES! Retirement never comes for some people, especially nowadays, and rarely at ’55.’ We want to experience this with our girls. We want the energy and health to hike, climb, walk, drive, and live and not so ideal conditions while we are young. Sometimes life on the road in a confined space with our family will be MISERABLE… of course I’m joking, but it’s amazing how many people feel this way. If you do, then it may be beneficial to take a long look about why you want to live in an RV. We aren’t naive in thinking that it will be roses and rainbows. There will be tough times, fights,  doubts, questions, confronting problems (after all you cannot lock yourself in a room and avoid the problem), becoming closer, exercising, and learning together. We are prepared for whatever comes and will plan as much (or as little) as we can with the realization that things will change and expectations will be debunked.
Since I respect and value your time (and am a bit famished) that is all for now!
Best regards,

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