Spring Break 2018, Kerrville, Texas

It is nearly the end of April and I am just now getting around to posting pictures of our Spring Break. Honestly, I have sat down to write this post about a dozen times. I feel like I have been scattered and pulled into different directions. Entrepreneurship is a scary, confusing and very curvy road. It is full of detours, large potholes and lots of road blocks….. that is a post for another day.

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I love the Texas Hill Country and I could see our family living on the Guadalupe, spending our days kayaking the river, fishing and hiking the beautiful terrain. This would be our second time to stay at this particular spot with our close friends. We enjoy the scenic views, but the company even more. We were also joined by another close friend and his family. Our daughters are all about the same age and they all get along so well. If you do not have kids, it is a dream to get to hang out with your friends while they are pleasantly occupied by their children. We left Houston at night so that the girls would sleep most of the four hour drive. Our drive back was not near as peaceful. Check out my blog on tips for travelling with children here.

The highlight of our weekend was definitely spending all day by the river. The guys went swimming in the cool 40ish degree water. I happily hung out taking pictures and enjoying a beer on the floating pier in l the middle of the river.

Back at the house the girls enjoyed trampolines, eating outside and taking a conservative splash in the pool. Of course they were warned that the water was freezing…. but of course they did not listen. A family of deer could be spotted almost every morning. It was nice to enjoy a cup of coffee while watching the girls play in the yard. Ryan and I took a 3 mile jog up and down hills towards a local country club.

We also visited Louis Hayes Park located on the Guadalupe. The sidewalks wind through the huge trees along the river. We packed a picnic for the girls while they enjoyed the splash pad for a few minutes and played at the playground. This is a beautiful park that has pavilions for parties and nearby restrooms. You can even take a hidden path along the river to steps that climb out of the river and up to the downtown area of Kerrville. On our previous trip we made the hike up to a local restaurant for a few beers, I had wine, and dinner.

Our chilly nights were spent enjoying stories of high school and chatting about our kids by the fire. Of course we had s’mores. We had never had strawberry and lime flavored marshmallows. img_2415

It also happened to be St. Patrick’s Day while we were there and our host greeted us with green waffles! We had the best time and cannot wait to go back. Enjoy the pictures and video of our trip.

Click HERE for our Youtube video.

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