Our favorite getaway is somewhere sandy, hopefully sunny and where we can smell the water miles before we even arrive. We are instantly happy when we put “beach day” on the calendar. I read that waterfalls and crashing waves are instant mood boosters. I found some science-y information on the Internet so it must be true! The water molecules that constantly collide with each other create positive ions and negatively charge the air around it. Negative ions hitting our bloodstream can produce biochemical reactions linked to alleviate depression, relieving stress, and boosting energy. It is no wonder that beach day makes us so excited! Read more about how high concentrations of negative ions are essential for high energy and positive mood at Earthtalk.org.

The last time we were at our favorite beach spot was July and we had just found out some exciting news about our future. We had planned this day months before since our summer had been packed with events, work and family gatherings. I never watch the news nor do I check the weather. I was told that it was suppose to rain, but I was determined to follow through with our beach day. We were all to excited to turn back now.

We arrived to a new spot that we don’t usually visit and set up our tent and chairs. Ryan dug the girls their usual pool (a big hole in the sand) just to wear the tide could fill it without washing it away. For those with littles that love water and for parents nervous about them getting washed away…. This is the perfect solution and well worth the workout and hauling your shovel to the beach. The girls play in this for hours while we relax just a few feet away. Sometime on hot days we set the canopy over their waterhole to make the day more enjoyable. Less sunburn, more time for kids to play and more time for parents to relax are top goals for the beach.

Their Pool, complete with a dam

We had just set up as I grabbed my camera to snap some pictures. As gorgeous as this day was, a crazy thunder and lightning storm blew in so fast! We abandoned our tent, chairs and hauled our picnic to the safety of our car. We were trapped in our vehicle and watched as the once crowded beach became empty within a few minutes. We laughed at our current situation as we enjoyed our picnic dripping wet, whilst singing and dancing to this summer’s VBS (vacation bible school) hits. It’s been our current favorite until we discovered The Greatest Showman. The storm lasted about 20 minutes and then we had a beautiful, sunny stretch of sand. Footprints had washed away and we enjoyed an untouched beach all to ourselves, for a little while anyways.

We took the picture below moments before lightning struck on the water right off the beach in front of us. Then just seconds after a monstrous thunder clap burst a cloud of rain down on us and the girls were screaming and hiding under the canopy.

Madelyn was not happy that we stopped her playtime for pictures and the girls had no idea why we were posing with their hands on my belly.

Inspired by The Bucket List Family


I had told a few close friends, my mom and sisters when we found out but wanted to wait for the 12 week mark before telling the girls. I was only 8 weeks in this picture. We took them to our ultrasound on August 8, 2018 (the 10 year anniversary of my dad receiving his angel 😇 status) and told them as they heard they heartbeat and saw the tiny head, body and foot of their newest sibling. It was cute seeing their faces and watching their reactions. Mia was excited but in disbelief while Madelyn was not sure if this was a good thing. Earlier this year I confessed to Ryan that I didn’t believe we were done adding to our family.

After our ultrasound we got home and Madelyn cried telling me she was afraid I would forget about her. After reassuring my soon to be middle daughter that I could never forget about her and that I needed her to be mommy’s helper more than ever, she finally became excited and it was all I could do to not have her call the grandparents herself. We finally told Ryan’s family that Saturday at my nephews’ birthday party. I am due February 25

I wrote about things that we wanted to accomplish in a previous blog post, having baby #3 was one of them. We feel so blessed and excited for our newest adventure!

Love and Blessings,


“The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.”

– Eleanor Roosevelt

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