My girls birthdays are one day apart. My oldest turned seven September 20th and my youngest turned five on the 19th. We always try to be mindful of our budget with two parties in one every year. We had originally opted to have a painting party on our friend’s farm. We were going to have some easy food and outdoor activities. The forecast had predicted rain all week. I quickly started working on plan B. We ended up having the girls’ party at a friend’s martial arts gym. The owners are actually friends that were suppose to attend our farm party.DSC_1461

I called Brittany (gym owner) in a panic and asked if they were available for the same time and date that our original party was set. Praise the Lord, they were and were very reasonably priced. We had 30 children total that participated. We had a few more bystanders that were either too young or too shy to join the class workout and board breaking.

I was so relieved to not have to provide entertainment. Master Park and his fellow teachers ran the kids through warm ups, exercises and drills for punching and kicking targets. Every kid got to break a board. I was not just impressed with the level of activity and instruction that the coaches gave, but the amount of encouragement and education of their principles of respect and honor for martial arts.


Master Sung Min Park is a Guinness Book World record holder, breaking 1000 boards in 20 minutes. He and his wife own the gym and their four children  are students. Their oldest daughter is also an instructor. We were blown away at the service and commitment to our children. They truly love what they do. See YouTube Video here.

Not only were the kids entertained but their parents were just as thrilled and excited to witness their kiddos having so much fun. The were also amazed at the level of activites and Master Park’s enthusiasm. I must of had 10 kids tell me they wanted a ninja party with Master Park and his staff.


Master Park also demonstrated a few board breaking techniques. See our Birthday video to see some amazing slow motion board kicking action in the link below!


Board Breaking Cake Ninja hosts birthdays!

Thank again Master Park and family! We had a truly amazing day!

– Venice Williams

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  1. Diana M Avatar
    Diana M

    What an awesome birthday party, you are very blessed to have amazing people in your lives

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