Dear Baby,

Just in case you needed documentation, you are so loved already! I just want you to know this because I may not get around to getting pictures printed and hung of you for a while. I probably won’t get random handprint keepsakes as a baby, unless your oldest crafty sister decides to do this for us. I can guarantee you that I most likey will not do a baby book. Sorry kid, we decided to set expectations low from the start so anything above the standard will be an unexpected surprise!!

Your big sisters are thrilled to meet you and believe with every ounce of their being that you are a girl. Your father and I call you a boy to antagonize them. We don’t care if you are Ethan or Norah, just healthy and hopefully bald for the first few months. I hear hair through the birth canal hurts.

One thing that you already have more of than your sisters are pictures of you before your birthday. I only have a few pictures of mommy pregnant with Mia and Madelyn. I wanted to remember this special time of our lives and be proud of our family growing into a party of five soon!

Your Auntie Nessa and our friend Moana aka Auntie MoMo threw me the most perfect shower with surprise guests, the best food and hilarious games. I really enjoy games at parties, the cheesier the better! Your Yaya and Tita Sally cooked all my favorite Filipino foods. Auntie Nessa had prepared a taco bar with all the fixings too. I ate so much I was miserable.

We decided to keep your gender a surprise because we are practicing patience. It’s been so fun to see people’s reactions to figuring out if you are a boy or girl. I think it’s funny how some people don’t understand why we wouldn’t find out.

We had such a blast celebrating! This pregnancy we prayed so much for you and have been so blessed with people in our lives ready to meet you. I hope someone has more pictures of us playing games but I left a few pictures below of our family and friends.

Auntie Nessa, cousin Livi and my dear friend Maggie
Moana (Auntie Momo)

Known Maggie since birth and my cousin from Dallas

16 sheets around. Nice guess Grace and uncle Albi
Guess the melted candy in the diaper

Photo by big sister Mia

Sisters and godsisters.

Our shower guests. We’re a fun group

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