Eleven hours of driving and we are still in Texas. We had high hopes of making it to Carlsbad, New Mexico, but we had even higher hopes of making this trip memorable and stress free. We downloaded this app that shows you points of interest along your route which made for some fun and interesting detours.

We left the house at 6:30am and had our first stop at Buccees. Definitely the best time to go is early, no traffic and you can get a stroller through the isles. I’m pretty proud that with our food prepping madness, we didn’t buy anything. I totally wanted zebra popcorn. We stretched our legs and snapped pictures of our little beaver nuggets and Buccee the beaver.

Caption this lol

Back on the road and we decided that we would eat lunch lunch after we got through San Antonio. We filled up in Kerrville in and took a detour off interstate 10 to Ingrahm Texas. Ingrahm is a small town located on the Guadalupe River. We discovered that there was a great photo op with a replica of a famous monument in the Easter Islands.

Lunch stop Ingrahm, Texas

We we’re lucky enough to find the perfect picnic spot! It was all we could do to not not jump in. Located next to us was an outdoor theater and a restaurant.

Stonehenge II in the middle 90s by ranchers
The replica is 60% the size of the actual

We stopped at Fort Lancaster in Sheffield, Texas before we made it to our motel for the night. The Stone Village Tourist Camp was about 40 miles off our route but totally worth it. The town of Fort Davis was full of history and charm.

Our motel in the middle of nowhere looking for kittens

Evening walk along the main road of Fort Davis

The girls did so amazing and we opted to only use the DVD player after lunch. It works well since the mornings are cooler and the kids seem to get restless in the afternoons. Norah is such a good baby. She was very pleasant and her sisters were so helpful with playing and entertaining her when she became fussy. Cannot wait to see what tomrorw will hold.

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