Our family goes camping year round. During the summer months we camp in areas that are more north. Last year we camped the Grand Canyon with an eight year old, six year old and a five month old baby. We added a few more travel necessities to our list that are a must have for kids and long road trips. Check out a few things we love to take with us.


I use these shoes for summer camping because they are cool and comfortable. They are also good for moderate level hiking and they dry easily if wet. Tennis shoes are an option but I always worry about sores because we are not able to dry them out properly if we walk through water. The whole family wore hiking sandals. We even were able to try them on before we purchased them on Amazon.

They no longer have the color I purchased which is Lake, but I linked the brand here. This is the Women’s Hurricane Xlt2 Sport Sandal.

My oldest daughter also purchased the Teva Kids’ K Hurricane XLT 2 Sport Sandal in Speck Sea Glass.  He color option is no longer available either but I linked the brand here.

We had water sandals with good grips for my six year old but we tried a few of the all rubber Teva Hurricane  Drift sandals, she liked them but they only adjusted around the ankle. I was not sure this was good investment since she grows so fast. I really wanted to size up a little so she could get more wear out of them.

My husband opted for a less expensive brand and he loved them. I think he loved that the price was half as much as the other brand. He thought he wanted more protection for his toe but he went with these navy Atika Men’s Outdoor Sandals and good news, his color is in stock. Grab them here.


We bought rechargable lanterns for the girls, they were inexpensive and lightweight. The best part is that they can also double a reading lamp. The reviews were great and we have had them for over a year and have held up. The girls use them all the time and the lights hold their charge. I linked them here.

Ryan and I had LED headlamps for hand free use a, since the girls had lanterns we decided we did not need anything else. They are rechargable, they tilt and they are waterproof. They have low beam, high beam, green mode and red mode. The green and red allow you to still see without bugs flying in your face, or at least that is what I assume since that is what happened. I never read directions.


I bought the small photography clamps for taking pictures at home and they are the best camping tool ever. They are plastic and measure about 4-6 inches and you can get six or more of them on amazon at a reasonable price. We use them for holding down the table cloth, creating privacy for our makeshift shower and also clamping a thin blanket over the baby’s bassinet to keep bugs out. The girls use them to build forts at home and they are actually the ones who brought them along in their backpacks for the trip.

Food Prep:

I love having warm food for breakfast and dinner and breakfast is usually more difficult for our family. I always precook breakfast tacos and wrap them up in foil and secure them in a water proof bag or container in the cooler. It is the perfect thing to get your day going. I wrap bacon, eggs and a slice of cheese in a tortilla inside the foil and throw them in the fire or grill for a few minutes on each side. The girls prefer potato, egg and cheese or you can add ground sausage. You can even do this for dinner burritos. Roll up beans, rice, meat and cheese for a hot dinner. Get fancy by having sour cream and avocados to add when they are heated up. Instant oatmeal is great for a warm cozy breakfast and even warming up some pre made biscuits and gravy can make an ordinary camping trip into an unforgettable experience.

Camping is by far our favorite family vacation and we learn something new every time we go especially with little ones. If you have electricity at your campsite, Christmas lights or outdoor string lights are so great for keeping the site lit. If not grab some rope and hang a bunch of glow sticks. We grab glow sticks to tie onto children. It helps keep track of them at night. We also love having a hammock to relax in during the day so that we keep the tent clean for bedtime. Walkie talkies are a great idea for kids especially if you plan on letting them explore a little bit. Everyone needs a bucket for treasures in our family and a heavy duty shovel is always on our priority list. Let me know if you would like our full list of supplies that we take when camping. I hope this helps your family plan your next outdoor adventure!

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