Nothing screams summer quite like blueberries. We were so excited to find this awesome blueberry farm only a thirty minute drive north of our house. We saw a friend post about this beautiful place and we spent Memorial Day picking blueberries at Sanctuary Blueberry Farm on an unseasonably cool afternoon. The farm uses only organic and chemical free pesticides and fertilizers. Watch our visit here

We were greeted by the owners, Tom and Evangeline Reed. Evangeline gave us tips on picking perfectly ripe berries and Tom and Ryan had a long discussion on the importance of chemical free living. Ryan was so fascinated he bought Tom’s book and has not put it down. This farm is a culmination of their lifelong education in health and a chemical free lifestyle.

The owners were so accommodating and said the girls were welcome to eat as much as they could while they “helped” pick blueberries. We returned two more times to refill our bellies and freezer.

Tom is a foot and ankle surgeon, he and his wife have been married 35 years, have five children and are also a homeschool family. They have a fascinating story and a special mission to reclaim their health. To learn more about this beautiful farm visit

The blueberry season varies, we were able to go on Memorial Day and a few more times in June. Their hours are posted on their website and they keep their Facebook updated as well.

Watch our video of our farm visit here

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