It was the girls first pool day of the season and it was wonderful! The heat has definitely arrived in Texas and our neighborhood pools are still closed. We were invited to spend the day with friends and it was magical. It is amazing what cool water on a hot day can do to lift spirits.

We had already had a busy morning. Ryan woke up at 6am on a Saturday without an alarm clock. He sat up on the side of the bed and I startled awake feeling something was wrong. My husband is not an early bird but he had a big day picking up lumber for a project in the backyard, getting a quote on removing some trees from the yard and also picking up a friend’s dog to keep for a week. We felt so accomplished and it was only 10:30!

Ryan has an appointment with a client at 11am. He has had an amazing year with his business and I am so proud of him. We all have been so excited about scheduling things for this weekend we went a tad overboard. The busyness of the morning was met with a very fun afternoon with friends. It was as relaxing as it could be with a pool and a toddler. Eek! Toddler! We are toddling now and it feels too soon.

Watermelon is the best.

This season has brought unexpected obstacles but so much joy with our watermelon loving Norah. This post was forgotten and posted in August but I this day was truly special. It as a breath of fresh air after a long period of holding our breath.

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