You may think that homeschool children are not as socialized as mainstream students. You may think children with a home education are missing out on fun events and opportunities that may not be available in unschooling. If you hang out with us you may think again.

Ten adults, twenty-nine children 1.16.2021

My dear mom friends, along with our children and sometimes an occasional husband take a nature walk on the third Friday of the month. We look forward to this time spent with friends, conversations with moms and immersing our children in the great outdoors. I look forward to learning the different rhythms and routines of other homeschool families and listening to their struggles and wins throughout this homeschool journey we all are living. We are all different, some of us have recently entered the homeschool life while others are veterans that have always homeschooled. The best part is that we all face similar challenges and can learn from each other.

We all have multiple children that vary in ages from newborn to teenager. Having a group with a variety of ages is so nice for many reasons. Children learn from example and having older children who are helpful and are knowledgeable in different areas is such a blessing. I heard my oldest who is nine learning about the dangers of raccoons from a friend’s twelve year old. We also have a few families that have special needs. It teaches us all to have compassion and understanding with children of all learning styles and personalities. Big groups allow children to get out of their comfort zone. While some are use to tromping through the woods, others are more cautious. We all need a friend to brave the way for us sometimes. In turn we all need a voice of reason to make us think twice before leaping before we look.

Our only agenda on our group walks is to have a good time and return home safely. Our nature study is more about observation and the appreciation of time spent outdoors. I can honestly say that I have never had a bad experience at a nature walk and it mostly has to do with the company. I am so blessed to be among such amazing women who spend their days reading aloud, explaining life and teaching everything in between.

Bridge over the creek for pedestrians

Our past Friday nature walk at was so wonderful that it will be very hard to plan another that can compete. The weather was in the high fifties to sixties with gusts of winds that kept us in the shining sun. The kids took turns walking on a log that had fallen over the creek. Only two kiddos fell in which was pretty good odds out of twenty-nine who were there. I always advise parents to bring extra clothes if they are spending any time outside with us. My girls got wet and muddy but we stayed long enough that they dried.

My outdoorsy girls and I

Our nature walk location: Lake Houston Wilderness Park, read more about overnight camping, homeschool programs and more park activities on my blog.

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