You may have heard the term unschooling or perhaps are more familiar with homeschooling. Unschooling is the idea that education does not have to take place in the confines a room with desks, with children of the same age or with formal curriculum. To learn through unschooling is to learn through natural life experiences, home responsibilities and you and your children’s own curiosities and interests. Of course there is worry from critics that children need a more structured education, that learning should be measured regularly by tests and that someone who lacks a degree in education is not capable of teaching a child everything that needs he or she needs to know to become a successful adult.

I question my own capabilities as a mother, let alone a homeschool or unschooling mom of three almost four children. If i did not believe in my own judgment, my own resourcefulness and my ability to manage my time to teach my children effectively I would definitely consider the help of outside sources. My belief is this: I believe that I am the best advocate for my child and that it has been entrusted upon me and my husband to develop my children’s faith in God, strength in character and sense of worth. I do not believe it is anyone else’s responsibility to teach my children virtues of heaven.

My purpose of homeschool is not to shelter them from the outside world but to allow them to be carefully guided into it. It is also my purpose and privilege to grow with them in their virutes by modeling the behaivor that I want them to display. I am not a perfect role model, quite the contrary. I want to be a better for my children and grow in faith and holiness everyday. Little eyes that mimic your every move are the best accountability partners.

The things that we learning besides reading, language arts, math, science and history include: cooking, time management and responsibility with chores and helping take care of younger siblings. My girls’ daily chores include: walking, feeding and cleaning up after the dogs, loading, unloading and hand washing dishes, washing, drying and folding laundry, cleaning their room, taking out the trash, wiping the dining table and vacuuming the floors, helping with breakfast and sometimes other meals. I think it would shock people to know that we can get all of our chores and a majority of our assignments finished by lunchtime. The afternoon is reserved for outdoor play and silent reading.

Our favorite ways to learn is by being in nature, taking field trips, reading books and watching documentaries. Our everyday conversations include our faith, current events and problem solving.

A few pictures from our week 1.24.21-1.30.21:

Every homeschool or unschool is different, that’s what makes it so amazing. The things that are important for us may not be important to others. Our journey is just that, ours.



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