Shortly after I found out that our fourth baby was going to be a boy, I took a box of clothes to the consignment store. The girls are constantly growing out of clothes and I always keep a box for donations in a closet. I had received store credit and although I already had a few essentials I needed, I couldn’t help purchasing a few baby boy items…… ok more than a few. In my defense I found some denim shirts that matched Ryan’s and they were having a sale so obviously my purchases were justified.

Later than evening when I told my dear, frugal husband about baby boy’s new digs, he sighed and said, “You know that people are going to gift you clothes right?” I told him perhaps, but a fourth baby is not much cause for any big gesture. We have the basics and I don’t think people make a big deal after a family has multiple children. He asked if I kept the receipt just in case. I told him yes but I got everything on sale which meant no returns. He didn’t need to know that last part. Also he rarely reads my blogs.

Well the very next day, my sweet friend Nadine from church called and said that her and a few ladies had wanted to throw me a baby shower. I laughed probably a little too loud thinking about Ryan’s comment coming to fruition in less than 24 hours. I told Nadine the story and she said that of course I needed more and she loved a reason to buy baby clothes. She said to send over names of about ten or so guests. I agreed, hung up the phone and drove to the park where we were meeting our homeschool friends. On the way I was a bit anxious about the ten friend limit. I have so many ladies that I am close to because of homeschool, church and long time friends. This predicament weighed on my mind as I was thinking of who I should invite.

My homeschool friends plan a day at the park once a week in the afternoons just to get some time with friends after morning lessons. My dear friend Molly greeted me and then asked if she could throw me a baby shower. I about fell out on the playground. I told her about my conversation with Nadine and the predicament of a ten person limit. She laughed and said that was a great problems because now I could have two showers. To say that I am blessed and loved would be an understatement. I agreed to the additional shower which has turned into a weekend getaway. I’ll share more about that at another date.

When Ryan got home and I told him the news, he smuggly smiled and never said I told you so. He said he wasn’t surprised because I was amazing and everyone loves me. He says stuff like that to me all the time. I am starting to believe him.

Yesterday morning I woke up the morning of the shower. It turned out that Ryan was also having a shower of his own. The husbands of the ladies who were throwing my shower had organized a last minute celebration for the daddy.

I thought I was going sans children to a relaxing brunch. Although plans had changed it was still such an amazing day. I walked in on time and helped with decorating at the refusal of my friends. I attend mass, volunteer and grow in my faith alongside these women and their families. They knew they couldn’t stop me from helping.

Not only is the home beautifully decorated but they baby shower decorations were so sweet. The food setup was beautiful and delicious. After we ate, we sat in the living room a prayed a special joyful rosary that had intentions written out especially for my family, the new baby and the baby’s godparents to be.

We didn’t do traditional baby shower games and they were so much fun. The kiddos used play dough to sculpt babies which I judged. They were all so great, it was an eight-way tie. The next game was called “my water broke.” We had to defrost a small plastic baby from an ice cube, quite hilarious. Then we played a game that required using a kebab skewer held in your mouth to pick up as many pacifiers as possible within a minute. The kids participated as well and it was so funny to watch. Next came opening presents to baby bingo. I was so overwhelmed at the generosity of my sweet friends. Not only did they organize the party, purchased food, decorations and party favors but also blessed me with gifts for the baby.

There were so many laughs and the best conversations with friends. When I finished opening up my presents I thanked everyone and expressed how my prayers have been answered ten fold. Seven years ago when I was taking a baptism class I realized that I did not know anyone in the Catholic faith that would make a good candidate as godparents to my second daughter, Madelyn. I had realized that I needed help raising and enforcing the Catholic faith since Ryan wasn’t Catholic. It has been almost five years since we moved to the area and joined our church. It has been three years since we baptized Madelyn and decided we wanted to keep growing our family. It has been two years since Ryan has become Catholic. It has been one year since the world shut down and I have been able to gather with these amazing women that surround me. My actual speech to them was not as eloquent and precise because I stared crying. If it had not been for God placing these ladies and their families in my path, my life would be drastically different, unfulfilled and void of the spiritual encouragement I so desperately needed.

They say that your life is forced to change because of tragedy or trauma. You have nowhere else to go but up when you hit rock bottom. Four years ago my spirit was broken, my trust was lacking and my heart was hurting. That brokenness forced me to hold on tighter to my faith and my family. I realized that I needed to put those two things before anything else in order to be happy. Here I am expecting our fourth child with a a faith that is strong, surrounded by more love and support than I could have ever imagined. Praise God for his provision, bless you Rina for answering His call and thank you ladies for being faithful servants of Christ. I am humbled by your generosity.



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