We celebrated this cutie by bringing her to the zoo on the Sunday before her birthday. We visited the zoo in January and her reaction to all the animals was just the best so we knew we had to bring her back so daddy could experience the zoo with her.

Norah enjoyed every moment, she requested the lions when Ryan asked her what she wanted to see at the zoo. She followed it up by a cute little “roar!” Of close the lions were napping away from the view of the crowds. The primate exhibits have seemed to be her favorite. I think she mostly enjoys the walkways that wind through the trees. Many of the monkeys were out playing and swinging. She was completely fascinated by them all.

The elephants were out including a sweet baby that was eating hay. The gorillas were extra exciting because of a bit of a territorial dispute. Norah loves being the center is attention and climbing the rails just like her big sisters. We bright our lunch but treated the girls to ice cream to end the trip. The butterfly garden was so much fun that she didn’t want to leave. Thankfully we saved it for the end of our visit. She loved climbing the logs and playing in the water.

So thankful for a smart auntie that gifted us a membership for Christmas. Best gift ever

For her actual birthday on Wednesday, we made Norah pancakes shaped as Mickey Mouse and her name. We also made very healthy muffins. We topped hers with whip cream and sprinkles. She had been so good about blowing our evening dinner candles out that we were excited about her blowing out two candles on top of her muffin…. well she was a bit confused as to why the top of her muffin was on fire when all she wanted to do was eat the whip cream off. We had to remove the lit candles in order for her to blow them out.

Birthday breakfast

We still homeschooled in the morning but took a few FaceTime calls from the grandmas. We put together a powered tricycle gifted by my mom. She figured out how to steer and that it was very entertaining to run over her sisters. Ryan’s sister sent over fun gifts that taught colors and fine motor skills. The girls enjoyed teaching her how to use them. My sister came over after nap time for a muffin party and fun outside with cousins. She gifted a sweet stuffed horse that came with a stable and accessories to care for the horse. It was such a fun afternoon for the birthday girl.

Norah had the best birthday celebrations and even had a special visit from her Pop Pop and Bebe (Ryan’s mom and step dad) to end the week. I was out of town but they enjoyed a campfire, presents and dinner together. We are so thankful for everyone who sent Birthday wishes and made our sweet girl feel special. Two years have gone by so quickly. Here are a few favorite moments of our life with Norah.

Norah has been such a blessing and I cannot wait to experience another year with her. So many big things lay ahead including becoming a big sister.

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