I remember the first beach day of 2020, the coast had been closed and it was the first weekend that people were allowed to visit. It was very busy but it was so needed at that time. We absolutely love coming here and try to come as much as we can. We weren’t sure we would be able to make it to the beach before baby number four arrived. I had a heart to heart with him and he agreed to stay in place for another day. We met some dear friends at our favorite spot and enjoyed a very quiet day at the beach.

Norah did not remember the beach from last year and it was part of our motivation for making the trip before she became a big sister. I wanted to be able to watch her reactions to all the fun things at the beach. The beach was pretty much empty and the weather was perfect, not too sunny, mild temperatures and a light breeze. I didn’t get many pictures since the big kids had their friends and they tend to be braver. They were chasing waves with their boogie boards. I actually relaxed at the beach. A few of my friends were worried about me going into labor by taking a strenuous trip but it was so easy and relaxing. I was so thankful that the girls got to spend this time with their friends. I know they will be sacrificing a lot in the coming months and it was a joy to be able to bring them here at least once before our house gets a little more full.

When we return we will have another beach baby to add to our adventures. It seems so surreal that I will be a mommy to four kiddos. It is such a joy to watch them grow.



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