The week before we welcomed baby

I was preparing to write this on the Sunday I went into labor but here I am as a mom of four just wanting to remember the week leading up to meeting our handsome new family member.

I almost didn’t get this photo in time.

The entire week prior we had visitors showering us with love and gifts in anticipation for the new baby. The girls had gotten sick that following week and we stayed home to nurse colds and prepare for baby. We had friends bring us food so this momma could get some rest. With late night bathroom breaks, contractions and sick kiddos I was not getting much sleep.

We also received a new and unexpected member to the family. We had been without a dishwasher for a few weeks with no intention of replacing it or so I thought. Check out my love letter to my new dishwasher here.

Hello Bosch! Also I took off some cabinet doors… nesting….

I am part of a Catholic, homeschool community called Bread of Life. The group has been around for maybe 15 years as a way to communicate and fellowship with other homeschoolers. The group founders use to host baby showers to welcome and honor new babies and their mothers. We had planned for a shower for the moms that welcomed a baby in 2020 or were expecting soon. It was so fun to have that time with those sweet ladies. The hostesses spoiled us with gifts, food and beautiful prayers. We joined together to pray the glorious mysteries of the rosary and a divine mercy chaplet. It was such a sweet moment watching the babies play while we covered them in prayer.

A few mommas were missing. We had a great turnout. This picture makes me laugh. The water hose went wild and may have helped send me into labor the next day.

So blessed by my homeschool community and I am so excited to be able to bless all those mommas expecting soon!



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