Yesterday we celebrated Mother’s Day with early Mass. I had to eat my cereal while nursing Nicholas in bed. I would normally get pancakes or avocado toast in bed but since we had lunch plans and Ryan signed us up to bring flowers to Mary before the start of church we needed to get out the door. It was definitely a struggle since Baby Nicholas is keeping the party going all night long every two hours.

I’m still a daytime zombie and while I sit here nursing Nicholas also known as baby brother Aka: Baby Fulton or Baby Rhino I am reminded I didn’t brush my teeth. It’s 4pm and I am hoping I get to brush them before Daddy gets home.

We had lunch at Ryan’s brothers and before we left, my friend Amy who owns an amazing small business that delivers the most gorgeous charcuterie trays, surprised with a huge box that was suppose to be delivered on Tuesday. She also said it was a “little” something as a thank you for supporting them but she generously gifted us one of her big boxes loaded down with the most amazing cheeses, meats, crackers, fruit and so many more fun surprises. I was blown away and we enjoyed the goodies for a living room picnic dinner while watching The Chosen.

Ryan and the girls surprised me with gifts Saturday night at dinner. Mia decorated a vase wrapped in yarn and made pipe cleaner flowers. Madelyn and Daddy walked to Hobby Lobby while getting the car inspected and purchased some art supplies for me: pastel pencils, calligraphy pens and an art notebook. All of my favorite things. I am rarely surprised and I usually always buy my own presents. Ryan usually asks what I would like and I am with the girls when they buy my gifts. I pretend to be surprised.

We enjoyed an Italian feast for Sunday lunch and spent time with Ryan’s mom, step dad, brother, sister in law and her family. It was so sweet because our sister in law’s brother just had a baby too. Her niece is 6 days younger than Nicholas. Sleeping babies were being passed around and my big girls enjoyed playing with their cousin.

Ryan’s mom, her two sons and their children.
I almost didn’t get a picture with my crew!

My sister in law reminded me to get some newborn pictures. So today we celebrated three weeks of life with Nicholas with a little photo shoot. He is so loved and worth the sleepless nights. I hope Ryan feels that he is worth mommy’s stinky breath.

The big sisters also joined in on the fun.



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