Adjusting to Four

We are here just making the most of time spent at home and taking small little adventures with my new crew I’d four. A month of meals from family and friends has us very spoiled and allowed us all to adjust to life with a fourth. I am not sure where I would be if I didn’t have such an amazing support system.

I didn’t let the girls fall asleep on me like this, but it has been good for my healing to just sit and hold him.

Sometimes I am so focused on the baby I forget that I need to treat the big girls to a fun day of no chores. They have been so helpful with Norah, changing her diaper, feeding her, carrying her. Ryan and I are planning something special for them soon.

Taking a little walk to stretch our legs and read some stories.
This beautiful mosaic is the perfect backdrop.
So many ideas for art

Every now and then I have a mini panic attack thinking I forgot someone or that I didn’t pay attention or Norah in the parking lot. We are still working through our buddy system.

Taken by my friend Leslie. She brought over Shepard’s pie and cookies!! Mia said it was her favorite meal.

We had a few friends over to go dewberry picking and stopped off at the beach for a cool walk to find treasures. I love that my friends understand how overwhelming guest can be, they brought their picnics and snacked outside.

I absolutely adore the chaos most days and now that I am getting more sleep it seems much more manageable. God has blessed my family in so many ways over and over. I cannot thank Him enough for all the people in my life that love us and have had a part in helping us adjust to life with Nicholas.



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