As happy as I was with my minivan, I knew it wouldn’t last. Those sliding doors and stow and go seating were so convenient. But a minivan cannot tow our rolling home towards our next adventure. We have been wanting an RV for over five years now. We have been researching different rigs to figure out which would be best for us. We have been talking about it, Ryan has made numerous spreadsheets on cost and supplies needed. We have made lists of places we wanted to go. But we were just talking. We finally had to realize that our children weren’t staying the same age and these young years would be over before we knew it.

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With a year like 2020, one tends to recognize that life is very short and opportunities to make memories with our children are fleeting. I have grown up always having a camper in our yard. Summers spent fishing and playing at the lake or camping by the ocean were some of my favorite family vacations.

We have just finished paying off our student loans and Ryan has had an amazing year with his business. We are not fancy, we prefer camping under the stars over room service at a five star resort. We rather nature walk than have a spa day. Fishing and geocaching are more our idea of fun.

Last Saturday we walked in to the RV store knowing exactly what we wanted. We had been researching for months for the exact camper to fit our family with the right weight for our new truck to tow. We also knew the market and what was available, so when they wouldn’t budge on the price…. we walked out the door. He waved us down before we left and said that our price had been met. We returned four days later to pick up the newest member of the family. We did a walk through with a member of the service team, he made sure we knew how to operate our camper and what to do to maintain and keep it in the best working condition possible. We left very happy with our experience.

I can’t wait to make memories and blog about our experience. Our maiden voyage will be to the beach! It’s not too far away and it is one of our favorite places. Stay tuned for a tour!



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