About a 40 minute drive north of The Woodlands, there is a beautiful little house with a huge wrap around porch where you can sit in a rocking chair and watch the flowers grow. Our fun group of friends arrived early to get the history of how The Good Stuff Farm came to be. Jana Lennon and her husband pour their blood, sweat, and tears into this beautiful space where you can plan a seasonal outing with your family during the summer for flowers or the fall for fun festivities. You can also rent this beautiful house below that is staged for small gatherings and weddings.

Our homeschool group was invited to a field trip at this lovely farm. The kids enjoyed learning about flowers and planting flowers of their own. Jana provided us a yummy snack and drinks. The kids enjoyed exploring the pond, playing games in the yard and taking their very own sunflower home. The sunflowers were so perfect, they almost did not look real.

The porch overlooks the lawn where the kids explored the gazebo by the pond and played badminton and corn hole. The Good Stuff Farm is open to the public for flower picking and relaxing. In the Fall they allow visitors to come and choose pumpkins and enjoy the farm. Stay tuned for dates for their upcoming Fall Festival. Check their Facebook page for up to date information about visiting.

Check out The Good Stuff Farm Facebook Page here.



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