Jamaica Beach Galveston Texas 2021

Two years ago my family spent a Christmas Thanksgiving celebration together at a rent house on Lake Livingston with my side of the family. We vowed to do this every year in between the big holidays since our schedules were busy. It didn’t happen in 2020 but I pray that we make it happen every year in the future.

Ryan and I have been coming to the gulf our entire relationship. We have spent time on Bolivar peninsula and on Galveston island. Both areas have changed so much in just the last few years. Now that we are older and have kids we enjoy the more secluded areas. Jamaica Beach is located about 15 miles southwest of Galveston, Texas.

My mom and her grand girls.

We arrived late in the afternoon and the kids were able to get their feet in the sand. We opened presents and had tortellini soup for dinner. Watching the kids open their presents is always the best. Norah showing off the tutu that my mom had gotten her was a memory I will always treasure. She raises up her arms and leaned her head to the side with the most proud smile on her face. It was absolutely adorable. Mia and Madelyn received digital cameras and jewelry. The necklace and earrings came in a box that lit up when you opened it. It was very magical. The adults play white elephant and it is always such a fun game. We always end up buying something that we would want so there is never a bad present.

The first day at the beach was chili and gloomy. It was perfect for combing the beach for treasures. We seemed to be the only ones on the beach and we didn’t mind. It was nice not to worry about crowds.

The sun came out and the air blew warm and it was the perfect day for playing in the sand and running in the surf.

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