Corsicana, Sunset Cove and the Texas State Fair: October 2021

Here is another blog I finally finished. Since we sold our first camper, I decided I needed to document our trips that we took while owning JuneBug.

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We had a great spot by the water and access to fishing right out our door! It was our anniversary weekend getaway. We booked a last minute trip to a small town about an hour south of Dallas in near Corsicana.

Mommy and Nicholas enjoying tea and the sunrise

We found the cutest marina in Eureka, Texas. The RV park was down the road from an exotic animal ranch. We saw camels, emus, zebras and bison. We planned to go to the Texas State Fair on a Friday during our stay. We watched a bird show, the birds were trained to fly in from around the park and one even took your money. Norah at this age is so fun. Even though it was hot she was so excited to watch the show. We had already gotten to see the exotic animals by our RV site anything past that was bonus. At this point, we could have spent the day in that ditch daring the camels to spit on us. There was no need to travel an hour for anything else that could compare. Seeing the animals had gotten us even more pumped to see cows and horses. Norah was over the moon to see a horse and cow up close, she had only seen them from her car seat as we drove past, toddlers just assume they are tiny blurs.

Ryan and the girls got to ride the largest Ferris wheel in Texas. After that we spent the majority of our time checking out the hydroponics exhibit. The large greenhouse was a bountiful feast. The entire family wanted to grab a cucumber or tomato from its vine to enjoy. We regretted junk food but it was yummy. I always love a good corny dog. After we had lunch we enojyed ice cream and people watching. My biggest mission on this trip was to show Norah cows and other animals up close. We finally made it to the barns, Norah had fallen asleep. We watched a horse show performed in the big arena. Then we found the barns where the animals are all kept. We walked through as slow as possible hoping she would wake up. By the time we had left the cow barn, she had woken up. We were so excited to show her, we walked back. We took her out of the stroller and let her walk in, she was still waking up. The girls reminded her of the cows so she was even more eager to see cows. She pretty much ran to see the cows, as soon as she reached the first one, she stopped in her tracks and braced herself. Then she gazed at the animal with a look of shock, excitement and relief. Shocked that the cows are actually a real thing, excitement to be so close to said cow and relief that we had finally found what we had been talking about all day long. Since we had already been through, we knew which cows we could pet. Norah was over the moon and nearly touched every single cow in that barn. We left the fair as the sun was setting. It was an exhausting but wonderful day.

Family photo at sunset with the big Ferris wheel and the Texas flag.

Saturday, we enjoyed an easy morning. we spent all day outside. The girls played at the playground, fished and played in the beach area that Ryan thinks are for boats but I argue it was a swimming area. I am pretty sure we rescued a flip flop after a certain sister lost it playing in the water.

We went to confession and visit the church on Saturday and then headed back to the campsite. Ryan spoiled me with sushi and Blue Bell ice cream for dinner. We enjoyed a beautiful sunset. The marina has a little store and made to order breakfast and lunch. You can order food and enjoy the view of the water. Most of the RV spots are long term rentals but a few are available for weekend stays. They also have an event venue on the property for reunions and other gatherings. We all fished and the girls played in the water on the beach next to the camper. The weather was gorgeous.

Sunset Cove RV Park was such a diamond in the rough. There are only three sites you can rent for short term stays. Most of the park is for long term rentals. A couple of negatives about the park was 1) no septic hook ups 2) The smell of dead fish. The sites for temporary stays are right by the pier and fish cleaning table, it got stinky. Growing up on the lake, checking trot lines with my dad, I enjoy the smell a little. We packed up and left on Sunday. It was much more warmer the day we left, my two big girls were splashing in the water to stay cool.



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