We were so blessed to get three days at an RV park inside Yellowstone booked back in May. We would have stayed longer but also wanted to split our time on Lake Flathead in Montana. If you want to stay at popular parks you have to book well in advanced. I was told by many friends that three days would not be enough. They were not lying. The beauty of the park cannot be captured in pictures or writing. I wanted to saunter and romp down every trail and just stand by the water and breathe in the entire experience.

We arrived in to the Fishing Bridge RV park in Yellowstone a Friday evening around 8pm. We picked up our friends and all the groceries in Jackson Hole. We made a quick dinner of flatbed pizza in the toaster oven and rested for a day of adventure. I was so glad that we had daylight when we arrived to the park. The preview of the park was enough to get us excited for the days ahead.

Not far from camp we made our first stop. It was a trail that winded with the Yellowstone River. We had a few stops planned but every turn provided a place to pull over and enjoy the scenery. It felt like you are alone and hidden amongst the trees but there are nooks around every bend where visitors can take pictures and enjoy the view. Ryan assumed he was alone and thought he could relieve himself off the trail when he realized there were high powered cameras and their owners everywhere.

LeHardy Rapids

The geysers were the kids least favorite part. the sulfur odor was strong. The trails were very accessible and this was a busy stop for visitors. It was the third week of September, which is the slow season for the park. I could not imagine being here during the even busier summer months.

Mud Volcano. Every view is breathtaking.
Picnic spot by the river
Water Falls!

Day two in Yellowstone was on a Sunday. The closest Catholic Church was an hour and a half away just outside the west entrance in Montana. We were disappointed to learn that church was closed and we were in time. We decided to make the most of the day and discovered a learning center that inhabited wolves and bears. It was a treat to learn how these animals were reintroduced back into Yellowstone and get to see them up close.

The otters put on a show
Old Faithful
My favorite memory.

It was the end of the day and we headed back to out camp. The sun was still out so we decided to make one more stop. We pulled over at this secluded spot on the water. The girls jumped rocks and played along the shore. My phone was dead from the day. I’m so glad Wiley got these two photos. It was my favorite memory of the trip. Everyone was happy and enjoying the beach all to ourselves.

Our last full day in Yellowstone

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