We got as far north as we could until the freezing temperatures eased us back down south to Florida. We had high hopes of staying a month at the beach. We were late in booking our spot and with hurricane Ian making landfall in some of the areas we were researching some parks were undergoing renovations.

Around the swimming lake with a sandy beach, open during the summer season only

In an attempt to book an affordable spot and not have to move around during the holidays we looked more inland and found a campground within our budget. The reviews, descriptions and pictures seemed promising but sometimes you never can tell about places. The campground is much larger than we are use to staying. There are 385 RV sites with more being added as we speak. They are also currently building cabins for rent.

Mini golf

So far we have gone swimming, played foosball and mini golf. we also have introduced the kids to bocce ball and pickle ball. They have daily activities, crafts, contests and holiday events.

Christmas kickoff parade

Island Oaks RV resort has been such a fun experience for us. We love small parks, the wildlife and serenity at state parks but on site laundry and inclusive activities make the long term stay very comfortable. The resort is in a small town thirty five miles west of Jacksonville.

It was cold

The central location has been beneficial to being in close proximity to so many other attractions such as St. Augustine, Fort Fredricks and Rainbow Springs State Park.

Patio games

We have only been here for about a week and we are already enjoying it so much. The on-site restaurant, kids lounge and fitness center are great additional amenities. The local Catholic Church of St. Mary’s has been icing on the cake. The two nearby grocery stores have limited amounts of organic produce but the selection is decent.

Green spaces for running

This has been our first site with concrete pads. The fall foliage was nice but it makes cleaning up messier and more frequent. The paved roads have been perfect the girls’ scooters and taking Nicholas for rides in the wagon.

Concrete Pads

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