In this post we will discuss the best Catholic books for kids. Catholicism is a rich and complex faith with a long history, and it can be challenging to introduce its concepts and practices to children. However, there are many excellent books available that can help parents and teachers introduce Catholicism to kids in a way that is accessible and engaging. Here is a link to buy the #1 book on the list!

  1. A Little Catholic’s First Rosary Book: Bead-by-Bead Picture Prayer Book (4-BOOK SET)

Children will love having their very own prayer books! Even before they can read words, they can read pictures–and that’s the wonder of this picture prayer book. Every prayer in the rosary has its own page, its own picture. Children recognize which prayer to say from the picture. Each decade of rosary is a story that is brought to life by 10 colorful illustrations–one for each Hail, Mary! Creates the foundation of contemplation in the heart and mind of a child for this wonderful devotion.

  1. “Saints for Boys: A First Book for Little Catholic Boys” by Susan Helen Wallace

This book is perfect for young boys who are just starting to learn about the Catholic faith. It introduces them to a variety of saints and explains why they are important to the Catholic faith. The book includes short biographies of each saint, along with simple prayers and activities that help children connect with the saints in a personal way.

  1. “Catholic Bible for Children” by Rev. Victor Hoagland

The Catholic Bible for Children is a beautifully illustrated and easy-to-understand version of the Bible that is designed for children. It includes all of the important stories and passages from the Bible, presented in a way that is both engaging and educational. The book also includes explanations of key concepts and terms that may be unfamiliar to children, making it an excellent resource for both home and classroom use.

  1. “The Weight of a Mass: A Tale of Faith” by Josephine Nobisso

This book is a charming and beautifully illustrated story that teaches children about the power of faith. It tells the story of a poor widow who offers a Mass in memory of her deceased husband, and the unexpected consequences that follow. The story teaches children that even small acts of faith can have a profound impact, and it is an excellent tool for teaching children about the importance of the Mass.

  1. “The Illustrated Rosary for Children” by Rev. Victor Hoagland

The Rosary is an essential part of Catholic devotional life, and this book is an excellent resource for children who are learning to pray the Rosary. It includes beautiful illustrations that help children visualize each of the mysteries of the Rosary, along with simple prayers and explanations that make it easy for children to participate.

In conclusion, there are many excellent Catholic books available for kids that can help parents and teachers introduce Catholicism in a way that is accessible and engaging. Whether you are looking for books that introduce children to the saints, explain the importance of the Holy Spirit, or teach children about the Mass and the Rosary, there are many great resources available that can help you share the rich and complex faith of Catholicism with the young people in your life.

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