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The Best Rudimentary Catholic Glossary. Authentic and Respectful. I hope this is helpful for those interested in the Catholic Faith. For every term and belief of The Church check out the CCC (Catechism of the Catholic Church.)

  1. Mass – The central worship service of the Catholic Church, which includes the celebration of the Eucharist.
  2. Eucharist – Also known as Communion, the sacrament in which Catholics believe the bread and wine are transformed into the actual body and blood of Jesus Christ.
  3. Transubstantiation – The Catholic doctrine that teaches that during the Eucharist, the substance of the bread and wine is transformed into the substance of Christ’s body and blood, while the outward appearance of bread and wine remains unchanged.
  4. Sacrament – A sacred ritual that conveys God’s grace, such as baptism, confirmation, Eucharist, confession, anointing of the sick, marriage, and holy orders.
  5. Purgatory – A temporary state after death where Catholics believe souls are purified and made ready for heaven.
  6. Mary – The mother of Jesus, whom was conceived without original sin and was assumed into heaven.
  7. Saints – Individuals who have lived lives of extraordinary holiness and are believed to be in heaven.
  8. Holy Trinity – One God in three persons: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
  9. Papacy – The office and authority of the Pope. The successor of Saint Peter and the head of the Catholic Church.
  10. Rosary – A prayer devotion that involves the repetition of Hail Marys, Our Fathers, and Glory Bes, while meditating on different events in the life of Jesus and Mary.
  11. Confession- Catholics confess their sins to a priest and receive absolution.
  12. Catechism – A summary of Catholic beliefs and teachings.
  13. Liturgy – The public worship and rituals performed during Mass.
  14. Holy Orders – Men become deacons, priests, or bishops through this Sacrament.
  15. Magisterium – The Pope and bishops teaching authority of the Catholic Church and are in communion with Him.

The Catholic Faith has a rich history of about 2 millennia! Even our Priest study the faith daily. I think the best place to start is to go to mass at your nearest Catholic church, and keep an open mind. There have been many extremely educated people that have converted to Catholicism just with this simple gestured that fueled a fire deep inside. If this fire burns brighter inside you after your first mass, talk to anyone you see at the mass to get you started in the RCIA (Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults) program. Also, our kids love this interactive rosary collection.

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