Hi there! Thanks for stopping by! We are Ryan and Venice, we have four almost five children, two dogs and a partridge in a pear tree. We are currently living in our three hundred square foot motor home traveling the country. We are on a mission to slowdown time by spending it together. We aim to grow closer in our faith and as a family through all the ups and downs that this lifestyle provides. We love the outdoors and sharing how we provide our children with an education that includes nature as their classroom. I hope we encourage you to grow closer in faith by getting outside with your family and experiencing the beauty of nature.

Ryan and Venice are lifestyle coaches that teach families how to make steps toward their dream of traveling around the country in an RV. They are passionate about sharing their experiences and the process they used to recklessly dream of adventure and prayerfully abandon their lives in order to grow closer to their family and their faith. Check out their YouTube channel where they share everything.

Ryan has been a realtor in the Houston area for five years. He was born and raised in East Texas and lived in the areas of Houston and Dallas. Follow his Facebook page to learn more about the current market and neighborhoods that may be of interest to you. Follow his Facebook here.

Venice works with moms who are looking to start a small business. She shares videos and blogs about marriage, motherhood and travel. Shopping their affiliate links helps them earn money that helps provide for their family. Follow them on social media here.

Venice was born in East Texas and raised by her step dad and mother who immigrated from the Philippines as a nurse. She worked as a respiratory therapist before choosing to stay home and educate her children while running a small business making backpacks and purses for children. She has coached many clients in all aspects of small business, homeschool and lifestyle development.



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  1. Jennifer Avatar

    I love your posts, you should open an Instagram account so it would be easier access to for everyone!

    1. Venice Williams Avatar

      My Instagram handle is: @happilyeveroutside 😀

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