Norah’s Baptism

There is a saying that you are the average of the five people whom you are around the most. Today we celebrated Norah joining our Catholic church through the sacrament of Baptism. We were surrounded by a beautiful community of friends and family that are responsible for encouraging us to be the faithful family that…

My husband is Catholic

Before we got married I told him that we needed to raise our children Catholic because it was the only map I had to help our children grow up to become good humans. It never occurred to me that he would desire the same path. It never occurred to me that he would become Catholic….

Dear Third Child

Dear Baby, Just in case you needed documentation, you are so loved already! I just want you to know this because I may not get around to getting pictures printed and hung of you for a while. I probably won’t get random handprint keepsakes as a baby, unless your oldest crafty sister decides to do…

Christmas 2018

We celebrated the birth of our Lord yesterday and I prayed that my girls would experience the true meaning of Christmas. My family prefers quality time over presents all the time. Right now I’m listening to the girls watch videos we filmed yesterday. They are recording more videos and we will probably spend the day…

Beach Day Surprises

Spending the day at Port Bolivar, Texas and a family surprise at the beach.