Pregnant Living in an RV

On top of our already challenging life situation let’s just add pregnancy into the mix and see what happens next. We are finally staying in one place for longer than a week. We will be in Florida through the holidays. Warm temperatures were planned for the winter months and we are happy to announce that…

Dear Third Child

Dear Baby, Just in case you needed documentation, you are so loved already! I just want you to know this because I may not get around to getting pictures printed and hung of you for a while. I probably won’t get random handprint keepsakes as a baby, unless your oldest crafty sister decides to do…

Faith, Family and Homeschool

I talked myself into believing that I was satisfied with two kids. They were beautiful and healthy and I should be happy for what God had given me and my husband. As a young girl I had always imagined myself with four or even six children, I enjoyed the thought of a big family. But…

Christmas 2018

We celebrated the birth of our Lord yesterday and I prayed that my girls would experience the true meaning of Christmas. My family prefers quality time over presents all the time. Right now I’m listening to the girls watch videos we filmed yesterday. They are recording more videos and we will probably spend the day…

Beach Day Surprises

Spending the day at Port Bolivar, Texas and a family surprise at the beach.

Blue Bell, Brenham, Texas

Visit the Blue Bell Factory at Brenham, Texas for a fun family day. The kids will enjoy Fireman’s Park and exploring the murals of Brenham Art Walk

The Adventure Begins

TheRVAdventureFamily Texas family plans to live and work from their RV around the country full-time