My husband is Catholic

Before we got married I told him that we needed to raise our children Catholic because it was the only map I had to help our children grow up to become good humans. It never occurred to me that he would desire the same path. It never occurred to me that he would become Catholic….

Butterfly Home School Project

We have had many ups and down this home school year but even I learned something from this little project that we did with caterpillars. Great things take time, great things are worth waiting for and eventually we will grow into the amazing creature that God intended us to become.

Welcoming Norah

There is absolutely no birth video on the planet that can prepare you for the actual rite of childbirth, let alone natural childbirth. Yeah you read all the articles on the stages of labor, your friends give you their experiences but the only way to really know….. is to walk through that ring of fire…

Dear Third Child

Dear Baby, Just in case you needed documentation, you are so loved already! I just want you to know this because I may not get around to getting pictures printed and hung of you for a while. I probably won’t get random handprint keepsakes as a baby, unless your oldest crafty sister decides to do…

Happy Birthday in The Woodlands, Ninja style!

My girls birthdays are one day apart. My oldest turned seven September 20th and my youngest turned five on the 19th. We always try to be mindful of our budget with two parties in one every year. We had originally opted to have a painting party on our friend’s farm. We were going to have…

Summer Fun for Cheap in The Woodlands, Texas

The summer months may be awful in Texas but in The Woodlands the trees and countless outdoor community events make it impossible to stay inside. From outdoor concerts on the waterway, live music at the local farmers market and splash pads and organic snow cones to keep us cool we have many reasons to takeĀ …

Blue Bell, Brenham, Texas

Visit the Blue Bell Factory at Brenham, Texas for a fun family day. The kids will enjoy Fireman’s Park and exploring the murals of Brenham Art Walk