Summer Road Trip 2019 Day 4 and 5

We added five hours on to our trip to the Grand Canyon opting to stay off the interstate and get a more scenic route. If I never stay at a recognizable hotel chain again long as I live, I think I’ll be just fine. There are so many places we wanted to visit including the…

Summer Road Trip Day One

Eleven hours of driving and we are still in Texas. We had high hopes of making it to Carlsbad, New Mexico, but we had even higher hopes of making this trip memorable and stress free. We downloaded this app that shows you points of interest along your route which made for some fun and interesting…

Butterfly Home School Project

We have had many ups and down this home school year but even I learned something from this little project that we did with caterpillars. Great things take time, great things are worth waiting for and eventually we will grow into the amazing creature that God intended us to become.

Faith, Family and Homeschool

I talked myself into believing that I was satisfied with two kids. They were beautiful and healthy and I should be happy for what God had given me and my husband. As a young girl I had always imagined myself with four or even six children, I enjoyed the thought of a big family. But…

Blue Bell, Brenham, Texas

Visit the Blue Bell Factory at Brenham, Texas for a fun family day. The kids will enjoy Fireman’s Park and exploring the murals of Brenham Art Walk


My husband and I are very frugal. We tend to enjoy simple things and cheap fun. I use to think I needed to stay busy, make more money so I could enjoy more things. Lately I have realized the richness of still moments, simple fun and the joy of less things. Thursday we enjoyed listening…

Spring Break 2018, Kerrville, Texas

It is nearly the end of April and I am just now getting around to posting pictures of our Spring Break. Honestly, I have sat down to write this post about a dozen times. I feel like I have been scattered and pulled into different directions. Entrepreneurship is a scary, confusing and very curvy road….