My husband is Catholic

Before we got married I told him that we needed to raise our children Catholic because it was the only map I had to help our children grow up to become good humans. It never occurred to me that he would desire the same path. It never occurred to me that he would become Catholic….

Butterfly Home School Project

We have had many ups and down this home school year but even I learned something from this little project that we did with caterpillars. Great things take time, great things are worth waiting for and eventually we will grow into the amazing creature that God intended us to become.

Norah two weeks

March 20, 2019 This week is my dad’s birthday, he would have been 76. He had six daughters all together. Three from the first marriage and three from his second. It’s almost like a dream to have three girls. He is my step dad but my dad still. I wonder what words of wisdom he…

And baby girl makes three

This morning I made a double batch of pancakes to get us through the end of the week. I even was able to breastfeed while pouring batter. The girls helped with chores and we even made time for a little photoshoot. Three little girls + my obsession for photos = Photo Blogs, you’re welcome! Yesterday…

Beach Day Surprises

Spending the day at Port Bolivar, Texas and a family surprise at the beach.

Why I chose to Homeschool

I scrolled through Facebook seeing all the smiling faces of kids headed out on their first day of school and as a first year homeschooler I got a little sad. I started to question my choices and if we had made the right decision. My oldest daughter attended kindergarten at the public school down the…


My husband and I are very frugal. We tend to enjoy simple things and cheap fun. I use to think I needed to stay busy, make more money so I could enjoy more things. Lately I have realized the richness of still moments, simple fun and the joy of less things. Thursday we enjoyed listening…