My husband and I are very frugal. We tend to enjoy simple things and cheap fun. I use to think I needed to stay busy, make more money so I could enjoy more things. Lately I have realized the richness of still moments, simple fun and the joy of less things.

Thursday we enjoyed listening to Jack Johnson across the waterway from the Cynthia Woods Pavilion. It is our favorite way to enjoy a big headlining concert. It was fun to hang out with friends, packing a picnic and walking around Town Green in the Woodlands. There seemed to be more excitement around town with the IronMan race happening on Saturday. I went hoarse cheering the bikers that were riding past our neighborhood last year. This year I yelled from my car straight into Ryan’s ear. He made be a little deaf this week, it’s fine. Banana Pancakes inspired by Jack Johnson of course. Picnic ready!

On Friday we attended our daughter’s school carnival. We enjoyed watching our girl play with her friends. It was a great opportunity to meet parents and plan summer play dates. I believe that it is important to get to know your children’s friends and their parents.

We spent the night with my sister and brother in law on Friday night. It is so great to have family living so close and even greater that they have an extra bed for us. We had breakfast the next morning and walked to the park. We had amazing conversations and my brother in law spun a dope rap thanks to Quelf!!! I haven’t stayed up until 4am since college maybe…. I got to run with my favorite running buddy.

Our Saturday was packed and so was the traffic because of the Texas Iron Man. I love witnessing the amazing athletes. I heard that the top finisher competed the race in 8 hours!!! That is freaking amazing! We enjoyed a friends 4th birthday party. I enjoyed the yummy egg rolls and adult conversations. Ryan enjoyed strange beer.

That evening was Date night at our church. $75 got us a four-course dinner for two, unlimited wine and dancing until 10! The fondue bar and Live music were the best part! The pianist played throughout dinner. We dined on salad, steak with potatoes and bacon-wrapped green beans. Ryan and I were the first to dance and warm us the floor for the others. We enjoyed the compliments from our friends on Sunday. We also learned how to dance the meringue and bachata! Our table mates were a perfect compliment to the evening. Ryan was more motivated to join our church after learning that our friends were currently studying to become Catholic. Best date night ever.

Sunday was perfect as always. I made a big breakfast before church. Ryan spent the day with the plants and turtles. I took a nap with Madelyn while Ryan and Mia practiced her roller skating. We took a quick family trip to Lowe’s and then stopped at our favorite Park. We ordered dominoes, played in the splash pad and enjoyed the beautiful weather.

Another shot of my moms dress from the 80s. My sister and I recently went thrift shopping in my moms closet on a recent visit to my hometown. I’ll have to post more of my finds. I have a handsome photobomber and a mess I’m “working on” behind me.

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