When I was pregnant with my first, I put on a brave face and pretended I knew what I was doing. I bluffed my expertise based on the little research I did on the internet and listening to the birth stories of my girlfriends, family members and random strangers in the supermarket. I barely knew how babies were made (I mean scientifically), let alone come out!  I worked in the medical field as a respiratory therapist at that point in time for five years which made me an expert on anything in the medical field……NOT. During my first pregnancy I was very anxious, prideful and very ignorant.


Let me begin with saying that I am not against hospital births, home births or pain medication during birth. My first two children were delivered in a hospital by my OBGYN and I had epidurals for both. Now pregnant with my third child, natural birthing at a birthing center was something that I felt strongly about doing. As I write this I am current 39 weeks pregnant and feeling very excited about delivering at the Addice.

 The midwives and staff are all so warm and welcoming. Their mission is to create a safe and relaxing environment for expectant mothers and their families to welcome their newest family member.

When deciding if a birthing center was right for me, I went in with alot of questions during my first consultation. After speaking with the midwives and touring the facility, I was placed at ease knowing the experience the midwives had as well as their procedures for emergencies. I most felt comfortable with their philosophy on child birthing. I am not a patient about to undergo a medical procedure. I am a mother who is allowing her body to naturally experience the miracle of child birth.

Each birthing suite is furnished like a five star hotel room complete with a comfortable bed, large tub and enormous shower. The bedside tables conveniently house medical instruments for monitoring mommy and baby. The also house any other necessities needed during child birth, including emergency equipment. The interior decorating is just a beautiful bonus of the Addice Birthing Center. If you are curious about natural birthing, I strongly recommend meeting for a consultation with the staff at the Addice.

Love and Blessings,


I urge healthy expectant mothers that are interested in natural child birthing to educate yourselves on the benefits of doulas and midwives enhancing your birthing experience.

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