Sunday rainy day and not a family picture. At least I got this car selfie with Nicholas.

Monday was rainy and not very productive. We watched shows and tried to nap here and there. We did get a big surprise brought home that I will share more about at a later date.

Rainy day naps, Nicholas is four weeks!

Tuesday the girls had their last day of gymnastics. Norah wanted to wear a leotard too. We do not have one in her size so we dressed her in Madelyn’s extra Leo and used a rubber and to rake up the length. It was the cutest thing. She was determined to participate. Norah kept asking to go to the potty (she is not yet potty trained), to wash her hands and then take her shoes off. This is what I ask the girls to do when they arrive to class. Norah knew the routine and she thought surely that going through the motions would allow her some floor time.

Wednesday we got a break in the rain and cooler temperatures. We decided to head out for a quick trip and visit to the koi pond. We parked at the library and meandered through Town Greene to visit the artwork benches. The colorful fish were great entertainment. Even though my two older daughters have seen the koi fish and played along the waterway numerous times, just like me they love watching Norah experience everything at this age. It became hot fast and we were all fading. I bravely decided to go to the grocery store with four kids by myself for the first time. It went fairly smoothly except for the part where Norah got her leg stuck in the grocery cart. A kind man helped to free her while I had Nicholas in a sling on my chest.

“Loved” one of the newer art pieces along the waterway.

The days have started to run together with lack of sleep. Thursday we got a visit from my sister and my nieces. they stayed for lunch and we enjoyed visiting and playing.

My youngest niece holding her baby cousin Nicholas.

That evening I cooked dinner and we ate before Ryan got home in preparation of attending a friends piano recitals. Our good friends the Francisco family had three children playing in an intimate concert of students playing piano, violin and guitar. I am so glad we attended even though I was so frazzled getting out the door. The girls are more motivated to learn piano after watching all the kids perform. We saw one of our midwives at the concert and she was overjoyed to get to snuggle Nicholas. She was amazed at his size and he showed his appreciation by leaving a little spit up on her shoulder.

After the concert we had ice cream sundaes at the Francisco’s house. Two other families attended and it made for a wonderful evening of conversations with some of my favorite mommas. The kiddos watched Cinderella upstairs and ate their fill candy and ice cream.

Nicholas’ soon to be godfather. They way he is looking up at him.

Friday we had a wonderful day of learning about elephants. The most homeschool we have completed in sometime. We followed up the lesson with a documentary about African elephants and drew pictures of them.

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