We named her June Bug. Our first camper, also known as a trailer, home on wheels, or the RV. June is the month we bought our RV and Bug because we are snug as bugs in there. Ryan and I have wanted a camper ever since discovering a few traveling families on Instagram. Watch the condensed version of this story here.

Since we bought the camper we have been to eight places, that’s almost one trip a month. We did not camp in December or January but we did rent a house in Galveston for our annual Thanksgiving-Christmas trip that we take with my family. I have not updated this blog in a while so I thought I would write down a few things about the trips we have made thus far.

Our maiden voyage was to the beach for the weekend. We were giddy, bouncing with excitement and also scared out of our minds. We picked it up on a Wednesday and booked a one night stay at an RV park few hours drive from home. It was plenty of time to hit ‘order now’ on the list of all the things that we needed to outfit our new rig. Ryan had been collecting items needed for the outside and I of course had been stocking up on all the things we needed to make our new rig feel like home. The beach in June was an obvious choice, close and our favorite.

Our next trip was for the Fourth of July Weekend and it was a much longer drive. Our three day weekend got extended three more days. Read more about it here. In August we took a trip to Jellystone in Waller, Texas. This trip was just as crazy and eventful as our July weekend in Kerrville.

Our September Trip was spent at a KOA in Galveston. Labor Day weekend we called around see if there was any last minute cancellations and with the help of the Holy Spirit, we packed up and headed to the beach within three hours of confirming out RV spot. The KOA had a pool, lazy river, tennis courts and many other amenities. We just hung out at the beach the entire time. We also met another family of six that homeschooled.

In October we found the cutest marina in Corsicana Texas and planned to go to the Texas State Fair during our stay. It was also our anniversary.

Sunset Cove, Corsicana TX

Right after Thanksgiving we headed to the hill country and were the only RV guests at Cave Without a Name. It was such a place of natural wonder and the best part was that it also serves as a concert venue. We listened to the Tinsel Singers sing Christmas carols acapella. It was amazing.

In February we had planned to stay at the Vineyards Campground in Grapevine, Texas. We visited with friends, enjoyed the campground and joined in at all the activities at The Gaylord Hotel.

Our final trip in the RV was a campground close to home. We invited all of our friends and family for Norah’s third birthday. Seven families stayed overnight either in tent or cabin. The birthday celebration included many more friends and family. It was a perfect way to celebrate our girl and the last trip in the trailer.

Buying our camper was just a small step in a huge goal that we made in 2017 when I started this blog. We just sold our first camper and are buying a bigger RV to fulfill our dream of traveling full time around the United States. The plan is to be gone for a year. Ill be sharing more as we continue planning our trips for our year away.

Thanks for reading and following along!

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